Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Black Widow

After shooting about 250 different black widow shots, I finally got one that works!! I have been finding many Black Widows around my house this summer, but they haven't made it easy to Photograph. I've been wanting to get some nice Macro shots for Halloween, but I've been unsuccessful so far, until this one, which is close, but still not what I have been hoping for. I will clean up the isolation on some of it to resubmit to the other sites, but I at least finally got one!

This Black Widow was discovered Thursday night by Ryan, my stepson, as he was getting ready to put the trash out. She set up her nest in our trash can and was hanging out, waiting for one of the flies to swing by. Unfortunately, she was a ways into the can, about halfway, and the trash at the bottom was pretty ripe, but what one will do for a photo... Needless to say, it involved taking a big breath, stepping in and putting my face halfway in the trash can, snap a few shots, and then step out to breath... Not Ideal Conditions, but sacrifices must be made!! I'm sure my neighbors are what's wrong with me... Anyway, the white trash bag actually helped provide a good background to bounce the flash off of. I would have liked to try again, but I think she went out with the trash as I haven't seen her since.

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