Monday, August 10, 2009

The Fickle world of Stock.

It has been hard to guess what is accepted at one stock agency versus another. The photo from the previous post with the empty Piggy Bank & coin jar juxtaposed across from the fat wallet, was rejected at half of the stock sites, yet I have had up for only a two days at another, and I have already sold a few, including today with an "On Demand" download (which means more $$$!) I guess it is just hard to predict, what one site feels is a lack of composition, another site seems to think it is just fine. I'm currently on 5 sites with Shutterstock being the best so far with 130 photos in my portfolio, BigStockPhoto is next with 48 photos in my portfolio, then Dreamstime with 42, Fotolia with 37, and iStock with 28. However different photos are selling on different sites, so I never know what is really going to sell...

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Anonymous said...

Your niece and nephew are so cute as a baby doll.
And the third picture looks like a famous painting.

Hi~ I'm HyeJoung, a staff of Cinepix.^^
Did you arrive in safety??
I had a great time at friday.
Send my love to others.
I'll often visite here. See u~~hhh.