Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Well, I finally got around to creating a blog.  Here it is, isn't it amazing and insightful?  I didn't think so either, but it is Sunday and nobody else seems like doing anything, the dogs don't even feel like chasing the cats!

A day of relaxing is a nice change though, yesterday I rode 27.5 miles on my bike, up and around griffith park, climbed 2538 feet.  It was a good ride, went over the top to Los Feliz, met up with Chris, then rode back to the top.  Instead of coming back down again, we took the road that heads off to the east.  Unfortunately it is closed off, most likely due to the fire last year and the rains afterwards.  The road had washed away in a few places and there was dirt and sand covering the rest.  About three quarters of the way down we saw a security guard, and while our sense of adventure was willing us to continue, are lack of wanting to receive a ticket was stronger and we ended up turning around and heading back up the hill.  We then took an alternate trail down to the old Zoo and then headed home.  Las weekend we went around the San Gabriel Dam, I'll post those pictures and ride later.

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